New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

No Doubt

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My thoughts are random, unpredictable and ever present. I’m a thinker. It never stops. I want to stop thinking. I want to have no doubt. Doubt is toxic. It’s more convincing than any other emotion. I want to eradicate it from my life. Therefore I’ll focus on the things I’m certain of. I’m only certain of that which is mine.




no doubt.jpg

When you’re close, it’s easy to see

How much you mean to me

When you’re far, I’m not sure how to act

And thoughts begin to fill my head

I write them down, I pour them out

You read them and you start to doubt

Don’t read the bad and think it’s so

I’m only letting my doubts go


One so dear, so close to me

So close, you might not see

How much you mean to me


For in the end, I have no doubts

You are my soulmate, inside out







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