New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

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Love yourself

Learn to love yourself

and all the love

you’ll ever need


Is right here

Inside of you


Learn to respect yourself

and all the acceptance

you crave


Is right here

Inside of you


Learn to give yourself

and all the reward

you receive


Is right here

Inside of you


Don’t lose yourself

Do not get lost in others

The “one” you seek


Is right here

It’s you ♥


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The full moon draws a kind of a melancholic madness from my soul.  I long for something that has no name.

Before, I would shy away from it. Pack it in a closet and try to lock the door. Now I embrace it and let it take me where it wants to.

Tonight I’m mesmerized by its beauty. A satellite in the sky…

I believe it has a lot to do with the amount of water in our bodies and maybe the water in our bodies are subjected to a mini tide…and when the moon is full, we are more vulnerable to the pull of the moon. Or maybe I’m just crazy…I’ve been told that before 🙂


Clouds move leisurely past your eye

You touch them with your roundness

The fullness of you casts a light

When we’re full, we stop

Yes, when we are satiated

we stop.

One can love to the fill

Then, no more…


We reached the full moon of our love

Oh no love, this is just the start.


When the darkness come

We have the starlight

Moon love is not ours

We have the love of the sky

Moon and stars

Sun and rain

An expanse