New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

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Sleeping with your best friend

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He wants to help you
As a friend
Spare you from the monsters out there
As a friend
You agree to let him help you
As a friend
You cry, he comforts you
As a friend
He holds you, your body pressed to his
As a friend
He starts touching you
As a friend
He turns you around and kisses you
As a friend
He watches your face as he penetrates you
Only as a friend so don’t get any ideas

He goes through the motions and watches the pleasure on your face
As a friend
Afterwards he turns his back not wanting to cuddle
As a friend
When you wake up he does it again
As a friend
When you leave he hugs you at the door
He doesn’t walk you to your car or watch you leave
Not even as a friend

You text when you get home
You tell him how much it meant to you

He doesn’t respond and distance himself
As a friend?