New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

No sleep

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My thoughts and I

The night brings loneliness

A man wrapped in darkness
Lying still, planning and calculating
His next victim totally unaware

A child is sleeping
Her subconscious aware
Her conscious not accepting
Her world will change soon

A girl is dancing and swaying
She feels every beat in her soul
She hears the lyrics and finds them foreign
It will all come true

A man is playing the game
He weighs his options
Retract, progress or remain
Which path will he choose?

A boy is dying
A mothers’ heart is broken
He will soon depart
No pain will follow where he’s going

A friend is living
New faces, places and experiences
Nothing to loose, everything to gain
The unknown, a new adventure

A woman lies alone in bed
The familiar ache starting to stir
Will she make the same mistake?
Her body and mind separate

Life is good, life is cruel
Life is short, no turning back
Don’t repeat the same mistake

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