New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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Today the Light of the world was born. I am alone today, but I’m not sad about that. I’ve had a tough year. But the important thing is that I’ve seen the light. I’ve seen past the sheep skin and recognise the wolves hiding inside.

This is a cruel world. Why? Because of cruel people. People that are crueler than you can ever imagine. I’m not talking about criminals. I’m talking about those that don’t do anything that is against the law, but they get away with emotional abuse and treating others badly. They prey on the vulnerable, the insecure, the childlike innocent people, like me.

I’ve been hurt more than I can possibly explain in words by people like this. One in particular. I got mixed up with the master liar this year. One who hid behind lie after lie and one truth. This one truth his only defense. All young ladies, listen to me. Don’t let a man ever tell you you’re not good enough. Don’t let your love for a man forgive his actions, his behaviour. Don’t let love blind you to see what you are hoping to see. Please, only accept the one that tells you you’re beautiful, that treats you like you’re a priority. If he ignores you, he doesn’t care. It’s so simple. It’s so simple. Love is not complicated.

He will no longer hurt me. I am so happy that I’ve seen the light. I’m continuing my walk of freedom. I rejoice in the light.

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