New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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When I think my heavy heart and soul will drag me down, I still find the good. The good things in a world that has grown more darker, selfish and sick. There is good. The message from a person telling you they are broken too. They are struggling too. The special moments with a person that you  love with all your heart. The fog covering the world outside. Walking in that fog and seeing the little droplets of water forming on your fringe. The moon shining bright and big. The feeling of accomplishment when your fingers play your favourite instrument. The escape you find in reading a book. The caring look in another’s eyes. The hugs, the kisses. The way someone touches you in a way that comforts you and tells you, you are important. Yes, even making myself vulnerable and opening up to another, even when they don’t recognise how much courage it takes.

There is still good in me. There is still good around me.

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