New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

Secret of life?

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The secret of life are secrets
Who you share them with
Why you share them
When you share them

For we all need a release
We all need an outlet

Showing just one person
Who you really are

What breaks you
What mends you
The conflicts you struggle with
The comforts you long for

Tell one person
And your life becomes simpler

The storm inside calms
Life becomes lighter

I believe that truly sharing.
Exposing the hidden.
Reveals a new beginning

Feel. Need. Cry. Laugh.
With no fear
Don’t hide. But also don’t reveal to easily.

NEVER lose yourself

Expect nothing
Give without receiving
Don’t give up on people you truly care for
No matter how they treat you
They are fighting their own demons

Everyone is struggling with a secret
Still left hidden, needing to be shared

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