New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

love language

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My love language is physical touch and quality time. I score equal highest marks on these two. Receiving gifts scored the lowest. I don’t want to be showered with gifts, neither do I need words of affirmation. I need to be touched. It fosters a sense of security for me and I feel that I belong. When I touch, it’s an extension of my love. I love my piano. When I play, I’m making love to the keys. Touching them softly or hard depending on the emotion I feel. When I make love my hands and mouth and body are extensions of my soul, my love, my passion.

Time; there is no more precious gift than giving someone your time. Time spent together doing things that you and I enjoy. A walk, a meal, a meaningful conversation.

This is who I am. I do not touch lightly. I do not give my love easily. But when I do, you will know by my  touch, my kiss, my time.

I long for your touch

I have felt it before

I’m sorry, so sorry

I failed to say


My love is my hands

Your time is my joy

Without touch

I will fade away

For love to me

Is silent and cozy

Just like your presence

And body so warm


If this love is not

The love that you seek

The love that you need

then happiness with me

never will be


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