New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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She holds her face between her hands

She looks at her

She loves her


I want him

He doesn’t want you

I need him

He doesn’t need you

It’s hurting so much

I know

What did I do?


Why is this happening?

Who knows…it’s life

He does not love me

I know

Why doesn’t he love me?

You will never know

How long will it hurt?

As long as you let it


It’s because you gave it your all

You hid nothing

Him, hidden like muddy water

Disturbed by the many feet scraping the bottom


He doesn’t want to talk about it

it isn’t love


He doesn’t let me in

it isn’t love

He hides me from others

it isn’t love

He doesn’t acknowledge me in his life

it isn’t love


What can I do?

Forget, forgive, live


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