New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

My love

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Unrequited Love Can Serve You Well If You Let It_ The Benefits Of ___.jpgMy love hurts & aches
It cuts my hands, my lips, my heart
It leaves a hole in my centre that can’t be filled
My love is wrong
I drown the ones I love, they struggle to breath
I give my all and it’s not enough
I long to be held and told I deserve to be loved
Love that washes away the pain the guilt
Why is my love so complicated?
Pure, simple love that takes away fear, this is what I need
Love that can be seen through action
Love I can feel in his arms
Love that flows freely between us
Is this love just not for me?
Pain, tears, loneliness
How long will I wait?
How long before someone sees me and can’t help but love me…

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