New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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I contemplate my invisible scars
They carry the visible scars on their bodies
Mine I can hide from the world
The world sees theirs and judges them
I live comfortably, always wanting more
They carry their possessions in a bag, wanting to be human again
My life is complicated
Their lives are simple, trying to survive is all they know
I complain and cry
They accept, they don’t cry, life is too hard to be soft
I have hopes and dreams
They live in the hopeless realm
The are the unworthy, shunned by many
Yet, they teach the most valuable lessons
Their lives, living testimonies of hardship, anguish and wrong decisions
Spirits broken, empty shells, just beings
Compassion is what’s needed
Only compassion can join the human with the being

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