New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

My flower

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No-one can love me now
Shattering realisation of time lost
My body reverberates from the cost
Don’t fall in love with me
You will only get hurt
I can never be yours, never my own
I am the poison that will take your life
I am the addiction with no respite

Walk away and leave me here

But then the flower blooms in the snow
The desert rose blooms with hardly any moisture
The flower that only blooms when consumed by fire
The rare flower that blooms once in a lifetime

I am a rare exotic flower
I’ll bloom only in the harshest of circumstances
Waiting for the right gardener
The right nuances
Will it be air, water or fire
The man that sees the desire

It will take a special man
One that recognises the unrecognisable

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