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Young wisdom

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Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them

 Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My daughter, she is one in a million. Like all of us. Each one of us unique in our own way. Sometimes I think she can sense my self doubt and lack of self love because she has a knack for saying things that uplifts me.

Since her last birthday party, I have been labelled the ‘cool Mom’ by all her friends, even kids I don’t know. Children have always liked me and not some children, all children. I think it’s because I’m still a big kid at heart. I am very spontaneous and confident and because kids don’t judge as harshly as adults, I can totally be myself around them. When I picked her up on Monday from the after school club she was sitting with two class mates studying a picture of a diver swimming near what appeared to be a beautiful coral reef. I was told that they had to study the picture and write a story about it. Of course I immediately responded by saying it reminds me of the little mermaid and in true fashion followed by my rendition of ‘Under the sea’ – only a couple of verses. One of the boys said, ‘You have a cool Mom’. So later I asked her, why did that boy say you have a cool Mom. She replied ‘Well most mothers might say it reminded them of the little mermaid, full stop; but you, you sing the song too’. Then she proceeded to say ‘You are like a child, but yet responsible like an adult, that’s what I love about you’ Well, I wasn’t really sure if that was a compliment or not, but I took it. However, what she said to me this morning, really made me think. I was applying my make up when she approached me and asked ‘Why do you wear make up? You’re already beautiful’. I said to her, well, you love me so I’m beautiful to you no matter what I do. She then said, ‘Well, I’ve seen beautiful ladies, and they are beautiful, but you are different beautiful’. I was surprised by these words coming from a nine year old. So I asked, ‘What makes me different beautiful?’. She replied, ‘Your eyes, they laugh with your mouth. They are always kind and I can always see that you’re telling the truth’. If only she knew how much I needed to hear that. I’m cool and beautiful 🙂 Even coming from the mouths of children, I need to start somewhere.

When someone tells you, you are beautiful, amazing or ‘cool’, take the compliment. Children don’t compliment easily, and adults even less so. So even if only one person thinks you’re wonderful, accept it and believe it.

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