New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

I is for…

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Me…My name starts with an I. I am I. Unselfish, ever caring and understanding. Broken yes. By circumstances. By that which I can’t control. Maybe the secret is in my initial. I am the only one that can make I better. I run out of courage, but then I find it again. I lose hope, then I find it again. Up and down. I has a problem. Where do I start to fix it? Or maybe it’s not about fixing at all. Not about looking or hoping. Not about searching and questioning. I’ve come to know it’s not about any of these things. None of these things will make a difference. These are all on the outside.

Inside the fire is still burning. Inside the change will come. Inside the acceptance lies. Inside the hurt is. Inside the healing must be.

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