New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

C is for…


Colour. You might wonder why colour? Have you ever “assigned” a colour to something like a day (blue monday common one) or an emotion (love is red) or anything really. I do. Like love; for me it’s grey. Because love is never straightforward, it’s never black and white. Or time; for me it’s white. Because time only moves forward. Not backwards. Therefore time is the present and the future. A blank page, waiting to be coloured. And as life happens, I colour it.

My recent timeline has been painted with dark colours. Black, dark blue, brown, mauve, with little dots of green and red scattered at random. Times when someone told me something profound or went out of their way to support me, to comfort me. Yellow is my favourite colour. It’s warm, vibrant, the colour associated with the sun. I’m very much like that when I’m at my best. A warm vibrant, kind and considerate person.

So why would I be grateful for colour? Because without it, I would just be a blank page, but with it, I’m more. I’m  still alive. I’m still using my imagination and turning what was predominantly a dark world, into a brighter one. And hopefully, I bring some colour to the lives of others too.

4 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. Your palette is varied. But i know the world would see you as yellow. That is truly who you are.

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  2. Wow! I love colours, but I never really attached them to anything. I really like how you interpret colours in your life. I’d try and do so 🙂 ❤ BTW, Yellow is beautiful and so are you!

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