New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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you_colour_my_world_by_withlove_marcela-d6jhurr.jpgSimilarities drew us together

A drawing in pencil

A picture of two

We shared, we laughed

We drew closer

I wasn’t looking for love

Only understanding

I wanted not to be judged

I wanted to find myself

I longed to be free from pain

So much pain

When I gave up, you didn’t

When you gave up, I didn’t

I looked at you

The picture changed

A drawing in pen… of you

On my body

My heart

My soul

My fingers trace the inked lines on your body

My heart sees the cuts on your heart

My soul feels the pain in your soul

I let you draw on my body with yours

I feel you imprint love on my heart

I let you paint my soul with hope

How beautifully you use the brush

You colour my world

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