New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust

Awake walking

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I walk, I talk, I live

And yet, I’m sleeping

The real me, sleeps under a cover of darkness

My life is a dream;

short glimpses of reality

I remember my dreams

They shock me.

How can I be so different?

How can I be so selfish?

In my dreams I am self-centered

Focused on my pain, my regret

There is so much to gain from others

When I’m me I’m kind and loving

Joyful and happy

Easy to please and a pleasure to be around

But the dream takes over

It’s the face of a black dog

How many people have I pushed away?

How would they know it’s my nightmare?

Not me that they see and speak to?

I want to awake from this dream

Before life passes me by and I lose

Awake, speak the truth; be true to myself

Think before speaking

Speak with love

I want to be proud of myself

When I’m sleeping, wake me up

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