New Beginnings

Emotional roller-coaster of love and lust


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Tears that burn like acid
Leaving deep lines on your face
Bitter sweet tears you taste for a while
Tears that run like rivers between your soul and your heart
Tears that fall when you least expect them
A single tear that falls solo before you stop the rest
Tears you cry alone and no one sees
Invisible tears that you hide from the world because you have to be strong
Tears you don’t hold back and they cleanse your soul
Tears you share with others because you feel their pain
Tears you let loved ones see because they need to know you’re human

The tears I don’t want to cry anymore

Tears over past events
Tears in matters I have no control over
Tears for people that don’t appreciate me
Tears for men that uses me
Tears of anger
Tears of regret
Tears because I think I’m not good enough
Tears that tears us apart

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